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  According to this report, typical American trash contains up to 32% paper related products, 12% green yard grass and 12% food waste. Recycle should be the primary goal: old product to new product of the same kind. Vermicompost, or worm composting, is another way to recycle: turning ordinary organic waste into fertile compost for your garden plants can benefit at the same time reduce water usage. If we can incorporate the natural skills of these worms, we can reduce near 50% of our trash from ending up in the landfills.
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  HOWDY! We are glad you found us. It has been an incredible journey for us thus far... We started out raising the worms as a fun hobby, but now, it has became a full sized operation that solves our cardboard problems. You see, we run an internet shipping operation and we used to throw away 20-30 pounds of cut-up cardboard boxes every week. These boxes are considered as "soiled paper" and not "recycle friendly". They do not decompose in a hot compost pile in a timely manner, either. So we found these worms simply eat, compost and solve our "paper" issues. Hop on and Join us to lighten the environmental footprint during our lifetime. We are proud to generate "ZERO Paper waste" from our shipping operation.
  When trash entered in to a landfill, it is buried deep in an environment that is absent of oxygen. Therefore it lacks of the healthy micro bacterial activities to promote normal de-composition. According to this report, paper waste can last 15 years or more in landfill and the printed pages are readable today. A small apple core has a 20 year half life in landfill: meaning after 20 years, 50% will still remain; 40 years later, 25%, 60 year 12%, etc. If an another apple core landed in one of our worm bins, it will be gone in less than 2 weeks. Because of this, please join us to compost and reduce our presence in the landfills.
So, what now? Here is where you can get started. Learn and Educate yourself! CITY OF PLANO has a online worm composting course and it is FREE! So click HERE or on the Mr Worm on the left. Thanks for visiting!