Welcome to TXWorms.com... We specialize in Red Wiggler Worms...
         Since June 2009, we have been expert with these forgiving worms to reduce waste paper. We now know these red wigglers are an important to the lifetime of waste paper or paper products.

Without counting them individually, we believe there are more than 40-50,000 worms in our bins at any given time. Collectively, our worms eats away 20-30 pounds of paper every week.

One of our member, Elbert Liu, has completed the Texas Master Composter Program to gain more knowledge. He became a local expert in raising red wigglers and often volunteer and speak in local cities around Dallas metroplex.

No doubt, we will continue to maintain the worm population to process the excess paper waste for the future to come.

Contact Number: 214-868-0241 or 903-891-3796

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