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City of Plano posted a flash based online worm Class. A Must See!!! Click on the logo below or HERE to start....

Basic Information on worm Care can be downloaded Below. This article cover the bedding, food, temperature and moisture requirements. Instructions_Part1.pdf

Quick Starter Guide: To help in setting up a worm compost bin in less than 15-20 minutes. Simple easy recipe format to follow: Instructions_Part2.pdf

How to brew Worm Tea from Worm Casting? Place 2 oz of worm casting in a nylon stocking. Secure with a knot and let it steep for 24 hours. Follow this short instruction for best result... BrewingInstruction.pdf

When your money is tight, get the Cocoon Rich Castings for the best bang of your bucks. The eggs that is in the castings will hatch out and turn into a ball of worms in about 2-3 weeks. After 2 month or so, they will turn into hungry eating machine to work hard for you. However, you will limit your feeding. Here is an important instruction to follow to maximize your success: HowtoHatchWormCocoons.pdf

Click here to see the compost class slides held in City of Garland Environmental Waste Services on Match 19, 2011: CityofGarlandWormComposting2011.pdf

Easy comparison of the life of an earthworm... An interesting read... Instructions_Part3.pdf

Need a PDF reader? Please download one here from Adobe.com : AdobeReader
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